pure-ftpd does not show more then 2000 files on Debian and Ubuntu

The pure-ftp daemon by default has a recursion limit of 2000 files, this prevents the server from showing more then 2000 files when you browse a directory with an FTP client. To expand this Limit to e.g 5000 files, create or edit the file /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/LimitRecursion and add a line "5000 500". The first number is the number of files, the second is the max. directory depth.

echo "5000 500" > /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/LimitRecursion

and then restart pureftpd:

service pure-ftpd-mysql restart

2 thoughts on “pure-ftpd does not show more then 2000 files on Debian and Ubuntu”

  1. ~# echo “9000″ > /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/LimitRecursion
    ~# /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd-mysql restart
    Restarting ftp server: /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd-wrapper: Invalid configuration file /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/LimitRecursion: ““9000″” not two numbers
    ~# echo 9000 900 > /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/LimitRecursion
    ~# /etc/init.d/pure-ftpd-mysql restart
    Restarting ftp server: Running: /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd-mysql-virtualchroot -l mysql:/etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf -l pam -b -D -Y 1 -u 1000 -A -L 9000:900 -O clf:/var/log/pure-ftpd/transfer.log -E -B

  2. You used wrong (double) quotes. When you neter the command on the shell, you have to use the “normal” double quotes (the one that are above the 2 key, at least on my keyboard layout) or single quotes that you have on your keyboard, If you copy the command from the web, it might be that the quotes are replaces with wrong characters, so better type it in manually.


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