Timed Shutdown on Windows

Thursday, November 17, 2011 posted by CSch

You can time a shutdown on your computer easily by creating a short vbscript that contains either only the shutdown command, or a shutdown command with an integrated second timer. If you do not add a timer, you can also use Windows' Schedule Tasks function to have the computer shutdown at a specific time. The vbscript to shutdown looks like this:

Set objShell = wscript.CreateObject("wscript.Shell")
objShell.run("shutdown /s")

If you want a timer, add

/t xxx

to the quoted expression in the second line, where x is the number of seconds to count down. Enter this code into a notepad and save the file as .vbs. Do not save it as text file.

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  1. Nayeem says:

    I am amazed and pleased by the work performed by this script file

  2. Nayeem says:

    please send us the script code

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