Correct wrong system time in Windows 8

If you don't synchronize your system clock with a time server, your clock will most likely miss the real time for one or two hours, even if you set your time zone and everything correctly. You can correct this easily by right-clicking the clock at the bottom right corner and selecting Adjust date/time. In the appearing window, go to the Internet Time tab and click on Change settings....
Tick Synchronize with an Internet time server and select from the drop-down menu; click Update now. The time should now be displayed correctly.


35 thoughts on “Correct wrong system time in Windows 8”

  1. What if we have to keep doing this? Is there something I can do to make it automatically update when I log in? I think it screws it up when I boot linux on the same machine then restart and boot Windows 8.

  2. After upgrading HP G71 from Win 7 to Win 8, my system time will not stay to the time is set. Didnt notice the issue when first installed and after the first couple of update. I will and uninstall the last couple of
    updates to see whether or not it resolves.

  3. The time is frozen on 4:10AM on PC in lower right-hand corner. Time server shows correct time but Windows won’t update.

  4. Doing this sets it to the wrong time. Apparently windows 8 doesnt know the time for the eastern time zone. Its right after i change it but get wrong again after awhile. Its frustrating to say the least.

    1. I ran into a similar issue; it was off by exactly 1 hour. If that’s what you’re running into go to “Adjust Date/Time” then “Change Time Zone” and make sure the “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” option is checked.

  5. Same issue. Windows 8 on new laptop. Time is incorrect every time I log in. I am in Canada (EST) and in order for the laptop to show the correct time I had to choose Bogota time zone!

  6. I had the same problem
    it would change the time manuelly, and when my pc started, the time would be off by 10 hours.
    the problem was that it was synching, but too the wrong timezone.
    (press change timezone)
    hope this helps someone out 😀

  7. What clock in the bottom right corner? What the hell are you talking about? If I swipe on the right side to bring up the setting menu I get a clock in the bottom left corner, but I can’t click on that. Once computer is shut off or sleeps time is always 1 hour off. This is infuriating for a new OS. Why can’t MS get anything right or make anything simple to deal with?

    1. Thanks for this: I’d tried syncing via the internets but the clock would reset to the wrong time again. Changing the time server did the trick

  8. I have just encountered this problem now, trying to sync. the internet time with windows makes the time a 3 hr won’t stay at 7:34 am ..although I enjoy the numbers It’s not 420 am!!!

  9. I have synchronized my windows 8 time as shown in the picture above however when time passes by, my computer timing will not be accurate by 1 to 2 minutes and further later, 15 minutes or more. Any solutions?

    1. yea I have been getting the same problem my pc keep falling behind as time goes by first by 1min the 2 after a while i’m hour behind sick of it…

  10. I have the same problem.
    I did everything that is described here. I changed date/time settings and synchronized clock with some server.
    It is behind, even if I do not restart it and keep it running for a long time, the system time falls behind the actual time.
    My feeling is that there is something wrong with the tracking interval or OS. (Something more fundamental.)
    So annoying having to reset the time manually.

  11. My clock was running 2 h before time so now I’m running this batch script everytime I log on to my computer by making it a task in Task Scheduler.

    echo %TIME%
    set /a currenthourplus2hours=%time:~0,2%-2
    TIME %currenthourplus2hours%:%time:~3,2%:%time:~6,2%
    echo %TIME%

    I also used Task Scheduler and set the \Microsoft\Windows\Time Synchronization\ForceSynchronizeTime to run every 5 min. A good idea is to change Internet Time Server to

  12. I live in Mew Mexico and I set mine to Arizona Time and now it works… just wait till its an hour left and go through the time zones near you, and under the dropdown box it will say “new” and “current” time. See which one makes the new time right 😛

    1. I had this issue, still have the issue with this PC not keeping the correct time, but when that error happens, I click the button a couple more times. Usually, it will sinc the second time, but I have also changed the time server in that dropdown, when it continually errored with the windows link.
      I have noticed that my PC i didn’t update to 8.1 does not have this time sinc issue on it’s 8.0.

  13. All my Windows 8.1 tablets got the wrong date and time. My DELL Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba Encore WT8-A32M and Lenovo Miix 2 8 64 all of them got the same issues. What is taken Microsoft so long to fix the issue, perhaps they don’t know how or they just don’t care. Maybe Gates needs to come back onboard and start writing some scripts. My Windows XP, Vista and 7 don’t have that issue, just Windows 8.1.

  14. For me the problem was that the windows time service for some reason was set to manual, when I set that to automatic windows started syncing time by itself again. Now a good question is why it would end up on manual..

    To fix this open “services.msc” and find Windows Time, then set it to Automatic under Properties if it is not already set so.

  15. Dropbox will not connect and tells me that my date and time are incorrect. They are not!!! What do i do about it?

  16. For a bit I kept getting an error occurred while synchronizing, and it would still set the clock to the proper time. if this happens to you, try each of the options in the drop-down tab, and press the update now, don’t stay with one until you get it to successfully synch up or it will keep screwing your time up. For me this was

  17. For me it worked when I clicked on time on task bar->change date and time settings->change time zone

    Then I selected my time zone and updated time using internet time tab.


  18. I discovered a similar problem, using a Dell Optiplex 755 and Windows 8 Pro. I found that the system itself is keeping the correct time, but for some reason Windows Explorer (the desktop) is not displaying the time correctly in the lower-right corner. The only solution I have found so far is to stop the desktop process, force it to reload explorer.exe, and all works properly for about a week before it does it again.

  19. Hi . i got the same problem in my laptop hp dv7 . i tried to change the time by going to DAte and time> internet time > change settings >update now it use to work before and would change the time but now its not working it gives some kind of error in synchronizing that ” The peer is unresolved” . please help me out:(

  20. It appears that the timezone is not being recognized properly on startup. i always end up with my clock displaying GMT instead of my local time. Resetting the timezone each time I start the machine resets it until the next startup. Then it is back to GMT. Since the GMT time is always correct,. I suspect that Win8 is the problem. I dual boot, and Linux never displays this problem.

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