Open Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 8

The times are over where you just hit a key and typed everything you needed in to get there. Now you need to learn key combinations or know how to get to the items you need by clicking your way through. System items such as the Group Policy Editor that are usually hidden deep within some system folders are an especially hard case - that's why I'll show you the easiest way to get there here.

- open the Charms menu by hovering your cursor over the top-right corner and
- click the Search charm. Afterwards
- click on Settings on the right pane and
- enter policy:

Update: The Local Group Policy Editor is only included in Windows 8 Pro, but not in Windows 8 Home. Thanks to Mahmood and Dave for pointing that out.

Windows 8 shortcuts

When you use Windows 8 on a desktop computer you better learn the most important keyboard shortcuts first, since you will have extreme long mouse-ways to cover (I will certainly not use my TV as computer screen anymore with Windows 8).

Windows-key = Switches between Metro menu and desktop if it is running

Windows-key + C = Opens the Charms menu (slim menu on the right)
Windows-key + K = Opens Devices charm
Windows-key + H = Opens Share charm
Windows-key + I = Opens Settings charm (Windows + I, up, enter, up, enter provides a rather quick way to shut down)

Windows-key + F = Opens file search
Windows-key + W = Opens settings search
Windows-key + Q = Opens the app search (nice replacement for start menu search)