The latest Windows 10 functionality has improved the webcam setting page significantly. Windows 10 now provides you with additional security by showing what applications your camera is using. You should be able to find the perpetrator rapidly if your webcam sensor light up unexpectedly. In this article, we will guide you with the whole procedure to see which applications are using your webcam in Windows 10.

Which applications are using your webcam in Windows 10

To see which applications are using your webcam in Windows 10 follow this procedure step by step:

Click the Search button. Type Settings in the search bar and select the Settings option as the following image is showing:


As you will select the Settings option, Windows Settings screen will appear like this:

Windows settings

Once the Windows Settings will appear in front of you, select the Privacy option as highlighted in the above image.

As soon as you will select the Privacy option, the following screen will appear:

Privacy settings

As the above image is indicating, the screen is divided into two parts. Select the Camera option from the left side of the screen. After selecting the Camera option, you will get to see the settings related to the camera or webcam like this:

Camera settings

The applications for which toggle button are On, these are using the webcam as the above image is showing. The Off toggle buttons are showing that those applications are not using the webcam.

There is also an option to the user that he/ she can allow applications to use the webcam or not by the switch on or off toggle buttons.


By following this procedure you can see which applications are using webcam in Windows 10. Moreover, you can also enable or disable applications to use the webcam.

How to see which applications are using your webcam in Windows 10
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