On Windows 10, text ideas could be obtained for a long period as you write, but it was accessible only with the on-screen keyboard. It is now feasible to receive text recommendations using a hardware keyboard, beginning with Windows 10 version. This is a very useful and important feature and Microsoft aims to provide users with English teaching, education, and availability. Once activated, you may see fresh help with a text that you can choose by using the mouse or keyboard when you write with the hardware keyboard. In this article, we will guide you with the whole procedure to enable and disable text keyboard suggestions on Windows 10.

Enable or disable text keyboard suggestions on Windows 10

To enable or disable text keyboard suggestions on Windows 10, you have to follow this procedure step by step:

Click on the Search button. Type Settings in the search bar and select the Settings option as the following image is showing:

Settings App

As you will click the Settings option, the Windows Settings will open like this:

Windows Settings

As Windows Settings screen will appear in front of you, now select the Devices option as shown in the above image.

As soon as you will click the Devices option another screen will appear like this:

Typing Settings

As you can see in the above image that the screen is divided into two sections, now select the Typing option from the left side of the screen. After selecting the Typing option, typing options will appear like this:

Disable Show Text Suggestions as I type

Now we are looking to enable or disable the text suggestions on the hardware keyboard, so turn on the toggle button named Show text suggestions as I type as the above image is showing. As soon as you turn on this toggle button, you have successfully enabled the text suggestions on a hardware keyboard. Here is the demonstration of text suggestion:

Text suggestions disabled

To disable the text suggestions procedure is same and you have to turn off the toggle button named Show text suggestions as I type.


By following this procedure, you will be able to enable or disable text keyboard suggestions on Windows 10.

How to Enable or Disable Text Keyboard Suggestions on Windows 10
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