You may note that Windows 10 does not offer to hibernate as a default power menu option if you are a fan of hibernating your computer. Bringing the hibernating option back is really easy. Hibernation is like the intense from the sleep mode, as its name indicates. Rather than recall the condition of the machine, however, hibernation mode writes the state of the computer onto the hard drive. This enables it to be fully disabled with even less power than sleep. It’s almost as snappy as a sleep mode with modern and quick solid-state drives in and out, so there are very little downsides. Simply shut down implies that your laptop will not run out of power, but sleep mode does that.

In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to enable hibernation in Windows 10.

Enable Hibernation in Windows 10

To enable hibernation in Windows 10, follow this procedure step by step:

Click the Search button. Type Run in the search box and choose the Run option as the following image is showing:

Run app

As soon as you will select the Run option, the following dialogue box will appear:

start powercfg.cpl

Now type powercfg.cpl in the Open text box and click the OK button.

Another way to open this Power Options is this:

Type Control Panel in the search bar and select the Control Panel option as follows:

Control Panel

As you will click the Control Panel option, the following screen will appear:

Power Options

Now select the Power Options option as highlighted in the above screen. The following screen will appear:

Choose power plan

Select the option named Choose what the power buttons do as highlighted in the above image. Now click the hyperlink named Change settings that are currently unavailable as the following image is showing:

Change settings

As soon as you will choose the mentioned option, the following screen will appear:

Hibernate mode

Here check the Hibernate checkbox and click the Save changes button as the above image is indicating. As you will click the Save changes button, the power button will show hibernate option like this:

Choose Hibernate mode

Hibernation option is enabled in Windows 10.


By following this procedure you will able to enable hibernation in Windows 10.

How to enable Hibernation in Windows 10
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