In this Windows 10 guide, I'll walk you through the steps to modify the registry to hide the network button from lock screen and prevent other users from changing the network settings when your computer is locked. Modifying the registry is a risky task which can leave your computer in an undesired state so take a full backup or create a check point/snap shot if your Windows 10 is a virtual machine.

The Windows Lock Secreen

Hiding the Network Button From Lock Screen in Windows 10

Step 1: Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run window

Step 2: Type regedit and click OK to open the registry.

Step 3: Go to the following path:


Step 4: Select the System folder and right-click on the right side. Select New and click DWORD (32-bit) Value

Step 5: Provide the name DontDipslayNetworkSelectionUI to this new DWORD and press Enter

Step 6: Double click this newly created DWORD and change its value from 0 to 1. Click OK

Hide network Icon from Lock screen

Step 7: Close the registry and restart your computer for changes to take effect

How to Hide Network Button From Lock Screen in Windows 10

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    There are many things in the windows 10 through which people are not aware of that and do not know how to set up because this is the new update which has added many additional features for that reason the setting has also changed.


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