Unalign items from grid in Windows 8

Icons on your desktop on Windows 7 and 8 are usually aligned to a grid meaning you can only place them in a certain alignment - which leaves you unable to create adorable desktop structures such as this one:


To remove this restriction simply right-click some free space on your desktop, select View and uncheck Align icons to grid:


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    Can you help me please? From when I had to install (unfortunately) Windows 8, I have a problem with the position of the icons I put in the desktop. I have disable the option “allign icons to grid” and I have disable “auto allign”. If I put a file in a certain position in the desktop, and then I open it, change something and re save it, then, automatically in W8 the icon is moved! I hate this. Because if I put a certain file in a certain position, that means something for me, I want it to remain there! I hate that it moves automatically! Can you help me? Please? Thanks,


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