Notebook batteries lose part of their capacity over time depending on their treatment. To see at how much maximum capacity your battery it, there is a command line tool that you can use from an elevated command line. To open such, search your main menu for cmd, right-click it and choose Run as administrator. In the command line, enter following:

powercfg -energy

The tool will then observe the system for 60 seconds and will then save an energy report in the default location if not specified otherwise, which is C:\Windows\System32\. You will not be able to open from there so just drag and drop it to the desktop or some other none-system folder. Somewhere near the middle of the document you will find the battery information. Mine look like this:

Battery:Battery Information
Battery ID 206SANYODell
Manufacturer SANYO
Serial Number 206
Chemistry LION
Long Term 1
Design Capacity 93240
Last Full Charge 85892

The ratio of the last two values is the current capacity of your battery:
85892 / 93240 = 0,921
which is about 92% capacity.

Show battery capacity for notebooks on Windows
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