Postpone installation of updates longer than 4 hours on Windows 7 and 8

When there are new updates available for your installation of Windows 7 or 8, it prompts you with a Window asking you to either restart the computer or to postpone the installation for 10 minutes, one hour or four hours. Either option may not be the best sometimes, so why not postpone it by a full day in the first place? To achieve that, open the Local Group Policy Editor by searching for group policy in Windows' main menu.

In the left pane, navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update. Click it once and select Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations. Double-click it and check the Enabled checkbox. Now a counterbox becomes available on which you can specify a number of minutes, enter 1440 for a whole day, then apply the changes.

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    Why am I seeing updates ob my Mobil e when I download ed them on my pc windows 8

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    Thank you very much. My Group Policy Editor was not displayed by searching for group policy, so I stared it by using gpedit.msc in the Run dialogue from the start menu.

    For some reason this comment is being interpreted as a kind of tinned meat. Perhaps it was because my email address contained the word for that tinned meat (why would that suggest that my comment is luncheon meaty?)


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