Shutdown Windows XP immediately

If you shutdown windows XP with the button in the start menu, it often takes minutes until the computer is finally stopped as Windows runs several tasks before it shuts down the computer. If you need to shutdown the computer immediately, you can use this command: C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00

How to access a namebased website without a DNS record

If you want to access a name based website that you created e.g. in ISPConfig before the DNS records are setup, edit the hosts file on your workstation computer and add a line like this: Replace the IP address with the IP of your server and with the domain name of the ... Read more

Windows starts slower after defragmenting the harddisk

If your windows installation starts slower after you defragmeted the harddisk, it might be nescessary to run the defragmentation utility on the boot files too which were normally skipped when running the defrag utility. To defragment the boot files, click on "Start" > "Run..." and then enter the command "defrag -b :c":