It does not always fit well enough to upgrade a driver on your PC. Sometimes they incorporate bugs or just don’t perform as well as the model we substituted. Fortunately, in Windows 10, it’s easy to roll back to an earlier driver. Although driver updates are usually quite good, this is not always the scenario. New versions frequently create new functionality or fix bugs, but they sometimes cause new issues for themselves. These issues can vary from bad performance to strange behavior to program crashing bugs. Generally speaking, we do not suggest upgrading drivers unless you have specific issues or require specific functionality that you recognize or include the fixes of updates. In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure to roll back a driver in Windows 10.

Rollback a driver update in Windows 10

To roll back a driver in Windows 10, follow this procedure step by step:

Click the Search button. Type Device Manager in the search bar and choose the Device Manager option as the following image is showing.

As soon as you will select the Device Manager, the following screen will appear.

Select the driver for which you are facing problem e.g. Mice and other pointing devices. Right click on its driver and choose the Properties option as highlighted in the above image. As soon as you will choose the Properties option, the following screen will appear:

Now choose the Driver tab and click the Roll Back Driver button as highlighted in the above image. As you will click the Roll Back Driver button, the following screen will appear:

This screen is to ensure that you want to roll back the driver. Choose an option because of which you are rolling back e.g. Previous versions of the driver performed better and click the OK button as highlighted in the above image.

Windows then returns the driver to the previous version seamlessly, which may take up to five to ten minutes depending on the driver’s size. Video card drivers are considerably bigger and take much longer to roll back. Your PC may restart after which the previous version driver will run on your computer.


By following this procedure you will be able to roll back a driver in Windows 10.

How to Rollback a Driver Update in Windows 10

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