How to get a list of all open ports on Windows 7, Vista and XP?

There is a small freeware Utility called CurrPorts from Nirsoft that displays all open ports on windows.

Download CurrPorts to your computer:

32Bit version:

64Bit version:

Unpack the .zip file and double click on the file cports.exe to start CurrPorts. The application will show you a list of all open ports and offers the ability to apply filters on the list.


8 thoughts on “How to get a list of all open ports on Windows 7, Vista and XP?”

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    Thia little program is great it leaves no footprint when in use and is very handy at finding leeching programs that have either attached themselves to other processes such as IE and for those that are just disguising themselves as knowen processes by using the same name.
    Thanks! Oh yeah and best of all it’s FREE

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    thanks it works!!!!!!

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    than yoould you explainu for the reply.i did not understand what is the thia little program, c

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      i have problem assigning a port to my build in web cam,can you help please

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    I am using win 7 and after I instol ZXpos CNT1 software that used for network drive tese in CDMA20001xevdo even if com ports are avalable on device manager but i can not find this ports on CNT1 interface for detecting phone and gps
    can i get any help!

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      I have the same problem after I re-installed my OS (Windows 7). Before no problem.

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    Handly great tool !!!

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    Excellent tool, thank you so much!


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