How to disable the “Get Windows 10” icon in the notification area?

The “Get Windows 10” icon in the tray has been installed as part of the KB3035583 Windows update.

To remove that icon permanently uninstall this update in the windows software center. The Windows update function might offer this update again in future, so don't forget to hide it in Windows update so that it does not come back.

If you still see the icon after uninstalling and a reboot, then check if there are still files of the update in C:\Windows\System32\GWX. If that's the case, delete this directory.

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    This works only up to the point of deleting the GWX folder in the Windows/System32 and Windows/SysWow(32/64) folders. To clarify, (1) In Task Manager, Stop the GWX process, (2) Uninstall the update, DON’T REBOOT YET. (3) Hide the update if it shows up in the updates to install. (4) Now delete the GWX Folders with the following instructions: These 2 GWX folders are owned by TrustedInstaller and are therefore protected. In order to delete them you have to right click on the folder and select Properties, the the Security Tab, Select the Administrator entry for the current logged on user and then the Advanced button near the bottom of the dialog. The new dialog that opens then select the Owner tab, click on the edit button near the bottom and again select the administrator of current user and then click Ok, there will be a dialog box open, just click Ok, then click Ok on rest of the dialogs open, YOU MUST OK ALL THE WAY OUT. Once you do this you can now go back into properties of the GWX folder, Security tab, select administrator of current user and this time select the Edit button just under the users section in the middle of the dialog, in new dialog again select administrator then click the Full box to select all boxes in the lower rights section, the last box will not be selected and is not necessary. Now click Apply or Ok, click Ok in popup dialog and all Ok buttons back to the folder you are taking possession of and now you can delete it. STILL NOT DONE, and finally (5) Empty your trash! Microsoft has been implementing a more virulent form of the Win 10 update. If all traces are not eliminated in the order described above, the update will come back! ALMOST IMMEDIATELY if not the very next time you reboot. I believe that soon MS will make this a mandatory update by not giving you a choice. I suggest turning off Automatic updates and pick and choose when and what you allow to update. MS may also change the update number! BE CAREFUL!


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