When something crashes on Windows you will often see a dialog showing that Windows is checking for a solution of the problems. Frankly, Windows has never found a solution for my crashes itself and it made more sense to abort the search and go for it myself.

If you are feeling the same way you might want to turn the dialog off completely. To do that, left click the little flag icon on your task-bar once:




Select Open Action Center and head to Change Action Center settings on the left side pane, then scroll down and click Problem reporting settings where you have the option to select Never check for solutions. Confirm with OK and you should be good to go.

Disable “Check for solutions” dialog in Windows
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3 thoughts on “Disable “Check for solutions” dialog in Windows

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    Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I fully agree with you…. Windows has NEVER found a solution to any of my application crashes. Such a useless feature!

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    It’s really just another spyware from Microsoft. Send stack traces to their remote server.

    What a time waster.


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