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Since Windows 8 applications do not have any obvious means of minimizing or closing them, most people might just leave them opened and continue working with lots of apps opened in the background. You can check if and how many apps you have currently running by pointing your mouse to the upper left corner and swiping it down afterwards. A sidebar will open with all your running apps in it:

Screenshot at 2013-03-11 09:33:46

To close an app, bring it up and go to the top of the screen where the cursor will change into a hand symbol. Now click and hold the left mouse button and drag the window to the bottom of the screen:

Screenshot at 2013-03-08 15:51:26

Release the mouse button and the app will close!

7 thoughts on “Close Windows 8 fullscreen apps”

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    Wouldn’t it have been nice for them to bring up an [X] in the upper right corner where people expect it?!

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    I can only say, Windows 8 is 3rd class and worst product I have been seeing on this earth.

    I have been using windows last 15 years, yesterday got new laptop with Win 8 installed.
    Very first thing, i could not find start button, some how i could figure out how to use it (Should I join windows learning class again?). My 6 years daughter just hate the UI and started asking me lots of questions about which I donot have any answer.

    After sometime, I rebooted (thanks god to st find how to reboot), login screen start gets rotated. it looks like, window 8 started to think that it running on tablet in next reboot :). Again same story, somehow I could disable auto rotation.

    After sometime, win8 starts downloading updates (day one when I purchased it), you know what after downloading asking me reboot and next just reboot in my middle of work.

    I decided that I would break 15 years old marriage with windows and moved to OSX/ubuntu in next few day enough is enough.

    I spent more that $1200 for this crapy device. Microsoft should return my money and apologies to me for this 3rd class product.

  3. What a load of rubbish.

    People get used to a system for years and when something new comes along they feel it has to be the same. When it isn’t, they blame the new system when in fact it’s their own ignorance at fault!

    Happens all the time when something new comes along.

    Get real. The world moves on and we must keep learning new things.

    I find windows 8 ok.

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      It takes a little getting use to, just like any new technology. I’m glad Microsoft is doing something new. With the slightest level of effort, one can learn the system. These people who don’t want to learn anything new should stick with their old systems and fade away into obscurity.

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    I think Windows 8 is not well thought through. If they are going modern they are suppose to make an operating system that would feel intuitive. Like it knows what we already want. Take for instance something as simple as closing a tab. Why in God’s name would someone think that I would love to go through 3 steps or more just to close a window??? That is rubbish in my opinion.

    There has to be a transition not abolishing the norm. A simple x to close windows isn’t much to ask for. Why the heck does all the apps have to show in full screen mode and we cant turn it off????? I multitask with my computer, that way I work on several stuff at a time. Now I either finish with one app before working on another or go through a process before I can work on other apps.

    Modern is suppose to make our lives easier not more complicated. If Windows people like me are seriously thinking on switching to mac because of win 8, did Microsoft succeed in their innovation then?

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    They could have left some of the keyboard shortcuts working, like ALT-F4!
    This Toshiba laptop doesn’t even have marked function keys. You have to go into setup to enable them.

    I guess MS is trying to get rid of the F-keys. They shouldn’t even thought about selling a system without touch screen with Win 8. I have a tablet, and it does work smoothly for simple tasks.

    Also the GARBAGE they load into the Metro screen that you can’t get rid of. All most of it’s purpose was to foist crap from the internet down your throat and make you buy it. Did MS team up with Amazon, etc? They gripe about big business, how about BIG INTERNET?

    As soon as I can make a bootable flash drive, I’m going to load Linux.

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    I’ve personally never liked Windows 8 that much, so I pretty much took 10 as soon as it got released. It’s definitely better, in my opinion. Does these tips work for 10 as well, by the way?


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