PowerShell is a new Windows Shell which is developed by Microsoft and it is available in almost every Windows operating system (both client and server) these days. It has following important uses:

  1. PowerShell helps you in automation of various tasks. Suppose you can take advantage of PowerShell script if you would like to shut down your machines automatically at 12 midnight. Write a PowerShell script and schedule it using task scheduler.
  2. PowerShell helps system engineers in his/her day to day tasks and eases their life when they have hectic and repetitive tasks suppose creating thousand of AD users or disabling or deleting their accounts.
  3. Complex configuration can be done in few PowerShell cmdlets. Suppose you have hundred of client machines and you would like to join them to active directory domain or you like to know all of the remove able devices attached to your systems. You can do it in few cmdlets, without PowerShell you may have to scroll through a number of windows to complete the task.

PowerShell has many uses that can be described here.

Common Uses of Windows PowerShell

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