Keep the spamassassin filter rules up to date in ISPConfig 3

To update the spamassassin rules regularily on your ISPConfig 3 server, add the following line to the root crontab by running:

crontab -e

then insert the following line:

23 4 */2 * * /usr/bin/sa-update --no-gpg &> /dev/null

and save the file. The path to the sa-update script is /usr/bin/sa-update on Ubuntu and Debian Linux, if you use a different linux distrubution, run the command:

which sa-update

to find the location of the sa-update script and adjust the path in the crontab line above so that it matches the path on your system.

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  2. By default, I have a spamassassin entry in the /etc/cron.daily folder. Looking at the script, it appears to run sa-update.

    I have a Debian Lenny server with ISPConfig3 installed. Does this FAQ provide additional functionality beyond what I already have in the cron.daily folder?


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