3 thoughts on “Install the Ubuntu login screen on Linux Mint”

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    No, next time I logged in I saw a black screen and could only use the dumb terminal mode – no login manager anymore. I only got a message that MDM was not the default manager anymore (well, that’s what I selected) and that I should edit /etc/default/saned, for whatever reason.

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    Hi Tom,
    this stuff only works on Mint 13 Cinnamon and not on Mint 13 Mate.
    On Mint Mate I had the same problem.

    To fix it you have to boot Mint in recovery mode and you have to choose a root-shell.
    After login with the root password enter that:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure mdm

    After rebooting Mint you have to choose Mate as the default session by using the symbol in the middle of the login screen.


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    What is MDM log in manager?


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