Where is the ISPConfig 2 logfile?

The ISPConfig log is /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/ispconfig.log. The system logs which command was executed in which line in which script and if the command was successful (Status: INFO) or not (Status: WARNING).

If you encounter problems with ISPConfig please have a look into the logfile and see if there are warnings. Also have a look into the logfiles under /var/log. If you cannot solve the problems on the basis of the logfiles and want to contact our support by email, please do not forget to send suspicious messages from the logs along with your email.

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    After creating a new user and web, the user cannot see his site in the ISPConfig 2.2.40 admin panel only the welcome message on the right site and the empty sites folder and the recycle bin are shown. If I login as admin the user and the site are shown as they should. The ispconfig.log gives following message after logging in as the new user: DEBUG – Bienvenue sur ISPConfig! Vous pouvez administer… . I created another user and web afterwards and everything works like charm for this last web.


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