Tutorial: How to take a screenshot on the iPad

This tutorial explains the process to take a screenshot from your iPad or iPhone screen. There is no app required to take the screenshots.

1) Navigate to the screen that that shall be saved as screenhot. In my example I will take a screenshot of the home screen.

2) Press the "Power" button (in the upper right corner of the iPad) and the "Home" button (in the middle of the lower bar of the iPad) simultaniously.

You will hear a "camera click" and the screen will fade to white for a second when the screenshot is taken. The screenshot is saved into Photos folder on the iPad.

To view the screenshot, open the "Photos" app:

and tap on the photo.

The easiest way to transfer the screenshot to your desktop PC or MAC is to send it by email. Tap on the Icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

and select "Email Photo":


This tutorial works on iPad and iPad 2 and iPhone.

14 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to take a screenshot on the iPad”

  1. Oh, well . . .
    My drone flew up up and away without responding to my ipad2.
    I hoped a review of the flight would give me an idea where it ended up or at least the itinerary up to the point of lost signal. The screen shows treetops and distant horizon with a tower and some other artifacts. Even a screen capture would help.
    All I got following this hint was that my ipad turned off –
    oh, well . . . don’t think I’ll be shelling out another 3Benjamins

  2. Thanks but I keep noticing an annoying problem: several people on the forums claim that one cannot change the default screenshot format from png. I managed to change it to jpg at one point, to keep smaller email attachments, but now I forgot how I did it!
    So I have my pics (screenshots) in jog but would like them back in png. How?

  3. I have done it by reading all the instruction from the post. It is just amazing tips while I am trying this nearly 2 months but I can’t. I would like to thank you for this brilliant tips. Have a good day!


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