Windows Experience Index scale changes on Windows 8

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 posted by CSch

The Windows Experience Index is a tool found on the system properties window that determines the performance of your computer's hardware by running tests on them. The values are set on a scale with a maximum of 7.9 on Windows 7. The base score is determined by the system's bottleneck score.

Since Windows 8, the scale ranges up to 9.9, changing your old score on the same system. This is why your computer may score worse with a Windows 8 system than with your old Windows 7 system. My score went from 4.6 to 4.2 from Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8 CP with the same hardware installed:

Windows 7 Enterprise:

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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39 Responses to “Windows Experience Index scale changes on Windows 8”

  1. dcmgame says:

    well you are lucky cause mine went from 5.1 to 1 ! just bloody 1.0! can you believe it!?

    sys: 6g bddr3 ram, intel i3, win8, ATI HD5470

  2. Teszter says:

    You are all lucky. Mine cannot even be calculated! They say I do not have the required “multi-media support to run the requested assessment”! Plain fck ‘em!

  3. KeOS says:

    Mine just said it couldn’t calculate it–no reason given.

  4. JUm says:

    If the scale increased to 9.9, the score should increase as well, otherwise the new score is completely different to the old one.

    • CSch says:

      I guess the scale was changed to fit a rounder number (9.9), along with the steps that were taken forward in technology since the last scaling system was invented it does make sense

  5. Izzy says:

    My SSD stayed at 7.9, my graphics stayed at 7.3, but my processor went up to 8.1

  6. Simon says:

    On Windows 7 Ultimate my scores were as follows:
    Processor: 7.7
    Memory (RAM): 7.7
    Graphics: 7.9
    Gaming graphics: 7.9
    Primary hard disk: 7.9

    On Windows 8 Pro:
    Processor: 8.0
    Memory (RAM): 8.0
    Graphics: 6.8
    Gaming graphics: 6.8
    Primary hard disk: 7.8

    My specs were exactly the same during both tests and the Windows 7 test was performed the same day I ran the the upgrade to Windows 8. The windows 7 score was the same on a clean install as it was priorr to the upgrade and the Windows 8 install is also fresh with the HDD and SSD being formatted before install.

    Processor: Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz
    RAM: 8GB 1333mhz DDR3
    GPU: 2 x GTX 670 (2GB each)
    SSD (System drive): OCZ Agility 3 128 GB
    HDD: 1TB Samsung Spinpoint 7200 RPM

    • Mouse says:

      Most likely, the Windows 8 nVidia drivers are not fully functional yet, or were not properly installed, or something like that. Your GTX670s should be scoring over 8.

  7. Mike says:

    I did a clean install of Windows 2008 Enterprise 64bit.

    I have 2 Nvidia 670 FTW’s in SLI. I have a score of 6.9 for Graphics and Gaming Graphics.

    In my dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, my score is 7.9 for my graphics.

  8. Abhisek Mukherjee says:

    Quite odd. I have a single GTS 450 1GB on my system. My WEI score was 7.2 on Windows 7. It dropped to 7.1 on Windows 8.

    Are you using current NVIDIA Drivers?

  9. blahdamon says:

    i have a single gtx 670 FTW+ 4GB by EVGA and it shows scores of 8.1. i would think 2 of them are pushing in the 9′s easily….

    i think you guys need to re-run it and make sure your drivers are up to date.. even using the beta graphics driver might improve it.

    my scores
    cpu :7.9
    ram: 7.9
    gfx: 8.1
    hdd: 6.8(first gen ssd on a sata2 controller in ahci mode)

  10. buzzyclonecattleman says:

    Just for comparison running I7 IVy with GTX 660ti and 16 Gb Ram and a ssd on an ASUS z77 1155 vPro

    Windows 8 Experience

    CPU 8.0
    RAM 8.0
    Graphics 7.9
    HDD 8.1

  11. Atul Ojha says:

    Assembled my machine today, with Windows 8, Got WEI Score of 7.9

    CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1240 V2 (IvyBridge) [3.4Ghz - 3.9Ghz] – 7.9
    RAM : G-Skill Ripjaws 8 GB [DDR3 1333Mhz, I tried at 1600Mhz via OC but WEI throws some red error and not able to generate score] – 7.9
    Graphics – Radeon HD 7870 – 8.0
    Gaming Graphics – Radeon HD 7870 – 8.0
    HDD – OCZ 128 GB SSD – 8.1

  12. vrocks says:

    Windows Expereince Index is a completely fucked up thing…….despite the fact having a beast of a card like gtx 680, my gpu score is 8.0……it should’ve been at least 9.0……

  13. Raanraals says:

    My GTX 690 is scoring 6.7 in both graphics tests. Yeah, right.

  14. Ciro says:

    With my rig I get 8.0 on cpu and Ram, and 8.1 on Gaming graphic, Graphics and HD

    Rig is
    3570K @ 4.4GHz,
    24gb DDR3 @ 1600MHZ
    WC 7970 @ 1050 MHZ
    and a Vertex 4 with an Agility 3 in Raid 0

    Wonder what it takes to break 8.5?

  15. James says:

    I got 7.6 today but 7.7 yesterday. Is that normal?

    CPU 8 Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz on a ASUS z77 motherboard
    RAM 8 16 gigs of 1600 ddr3
    Graphics 8.2 overclocked 670 gtx
    Hard disk is now 7.6. Its a vertex 4 OCZ 128 SSD

  16. Jermzz says:

    Lol, this is Windows 8 folks, not Windows 7, or xp. WEI always had the capability for a 9.9, you just needed over 5.5ghz to actually get a perfect CPU score to have a 9.9.

    Build something really nice pushing 6ghz and SLI 690′s or equivalent and it’ll probably get there. Hardware is progressing, it would be stupid for them to keep the same standards they did years ago for the WEI.

  17. Wojszwillo says:

    CPU 8.5 Intel i7 3930K
    RAM 8.5 G.Skill 16GB DDR3 1866
    Graphics 8.0 Radeon HD7870
    Gaming graphics 8.0 Radeon HD7870
    HDD 5.9 – not SSD, going to SSD now :-)

  18. Alcatraz says:

    I was wondering how much my newly built system should score so I started looking up comparative charts and I bumped into this sight …

    First the h/w brief specs

    - CPU : i7 3770k
    - m/b – z77pro extreme 4
    - Ram – 16GB HyperX blue 1600 Mhz – CL10
    - GPU – gtx 670 2GB GDDR5

    Calculations per second 8
    Memory operations per second 8
    desktop gfx performance : 8.1
    3d gaming gfx performance : 8.1
    Disk data transfer : 8.1

  19. Gavin says:

    Done my WEI

    Processor AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 8.1 (Win 8 Thinks this is using Hyper threading or something.. saying it as 4 cores and 8 logical processors -.-”)
    Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 8.1
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 8.1
    Gaming graphics 4095 MB Total available graphics memory 8.1
    Primary hard disk 65GB Free (112GB Total) 7.9

  20. Deon says:

    Processor – 8.2 2600k o/c to 4.8ghz hydro
    ram – 8.2 – 8gb @ 2133
    Graphics – 8.0 gtx 570 o/c ( clock 1941 / shader 1702 / core 851)
    Primary Hard Disk – 7.8 – OCZ Agility 3 SSD

    Would like to see what would better systems would get.

  21. Matthew V Peterson says:

    With the new WEI you need to take into account that it (WEI) takes into account all of the latest and greatest advancements in computer production, and I mean all the latest and greatest. If you have a monster GTX 650 or 660 or 670 it will not score as high as those that are SLI or Crossfire ready like the GTX 650i, GTX 660i and 670i. It knows that 2 is better then 1. Also windows 8 WEI now takes into account Overclocking ratios and adjustments, incorporates that into its new methodology. (sorry for lack there of Citations and Links)

  22. t3mp3st says:

    Mine are weird too
    AMD Phenom ii x4 3.01GHz = 7.3
    8gb Gskill g2 = 7.3
    GTX 295 = 6.7
    GTX 295 = 6.7
    G3 SSD = 7.1
    Whats up with my GTX 295? it got a 7.8 in windows 7…
    I have the latest nvidia Drivers and already installed all the updates

  23. Rx says:

    HP Phoenix with Windows 8 64 bit – Intel I7-3770 (3.40 GHz) 8.0
    RAM 12 GB 8.0
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7670 7.0
    Gaming Graphics 6881 MB total memory 7.0
    Primary Hard drive 1,843GB (7,200 rpm) 5.9
    Total score is 5.9
    HP Phoenix at Costco 2 day sale on-online $913.50
    With 2 year virus SW. $30 shipping.
    Has 700 Watt Power Supply.
    Looks like a SSD or more RAM might improve rating?

  24. mg says:

    my windows 8 32bit scores are-

    ram – 3gb ddr2 800 mhz – 6.6

    processor – intel pentium dualcore e5500 o.c. 3.34 ghz – 6.6

    graphics – asus silent 210 1gb ddr3 – 4.4 (on old 285.62 driver)

    gaming grahics – asus silent 210 1gb ddr3 – 5.6 (on old 285.62 driver)

    hdd – 500 gb hitachi hdd – 5.9

    all the score were the same on windows 7 but

    gaming graphics were 4.5 (now 4.4)

    and graphics were 5.7 (now 5.6)

    this maybe due to old drivers

  25. Michael says:

    My Windows 8 64bit scores are-
    Processor: 8.0
    Memory (RAM): 8.0
    Graphics: 8.2
    Gaming Graphics: 8.2
    Primary hard disk: 8.1

    My specs are-
    i7 3770k @ 3.5ghz
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance Memory @ 1600mhz
    GTX 680 4 GB
    Samsung SSD 840 pro

  26. Dell says:

    8.8 on my 3930k at 5ghz
    8.8 for 16gb ddr 1600
    8.1 GTX 670
    8.1 GTX 670
    7.4 840 pro 256 that is over half full and use quite awhile. It was 8.2 or so new.

  27. waycool6 says:

    I think mine was 7.7 in windows 7 in win 8 pro its is 9.1

    Processor: Intel i7 3880 @ 3.8ghz 9.5
    RAM: 24GB 1333mhz DDR5 9.7
    GPU: 2 x GTX 970 (3GB each) 9.9
    SSD (System drive): OCZ Agility 3 128 GB 9.1
    SSD: 980GB barracuda XLI 600 9.5

    • Alex K. says:

      Processor: Intel i7 3880 @ 3.8ghz 9.5 – lie
      RAM: 24GB 1333mhz DDR5 9.7 – lie
      GPU: 2 x GTX 970 (3GB each) 9.9 – lie (and you don’t even know your card! GTX 970 does not exist yet)
      SSD (System drive): OCZ Agility 3 128 GB 9.1 – lie
      SSD: 980GB barracuda XLI 600 9.5 – definatly a lie! 980GB ssd must be the most expensive part of your rig!

      Why do you even comment this?

  28. Andrew says:

    waycool6 – what is the GTX 970 graphics card you say you have? I can’t find any information about it. I guess money isn’t a big issue for you with that system :-)

  29. Alex K. says:

    Windows 8

    Processor: Intel i7-3930K @ 3,20Ghz (hexa core) stock – 8.4
    RAM: 31,94 GB., 2400MHz (4×8) CL10 ( 10-12-12-31 ) – 8.4
    GPU: EVGA GTX 690 – 4GB GDDR5 – 8.2
    Primary drive: SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB – 8.1

  30. Max Burke says:

    Windows 8.1 RTM seems to drop the user experience rating system all together, can’t see it anymore, unless it’s been moved.

  31. Manny says:

    HP Phoenix with Windows 8 64 bit – Intel I7-3770 (3.40 GHz) 8.0
    RAM 12 GB 8.0
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7670 7.0
    Gaming Graphics 6881 MB total memory 7.0
    Primary Hard drive 1,843GB (7,200 rpm) 5.9
    Total score is 5.9
    HP Phoenix at Costco 2 day sale on-online $913.50
    With 2 year virus SW. $30 shipping.
    Has 700 Watt Power Supply.
    Looks like a SSD or more RAM might improve rating?

    • akshay says:

      for some 7200rpm mechanical drives i hav seen score of 6.1 but in most cases, including mine its 5.9…an SSD can surely cross the 8point mark for sure

  32. akshay says:

    i own a dell 3537 with inter i54200u 1.6-2.29Ghz… 1TB HDD (5600) rpm… 1600mhz DDR3 ram of 6gb…AMD 8670 2GB dedicated graphics….i run win 8 64bit…

    i hav an windows experience index score of
    6.9 for processor
    7.4 for ram
    5.5 for desktop graphics
    6.5 for gaming graphics
    6.9 for primary HDD

    how much more can i get for each of them…???

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