Open Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 8

The times are over where you just hit a key and typed everything you needed in to get there. Now you need to learn key combinations or know how to get to the items you need by clicking your way through. System items such as the Group Policy Editor that are usually hidden deep within some system folders are an especially hard case - that's why I'll show you the easiest way to get there here.

- open the Charms menu by hovering your cursor over the top-right corner and
- click the Search charm. Afterwards
- click on Settings on the right pane and
- enter policy:

Update: The Local Group Policy Editor is only included in Windows 8 Pro, but not in Windows 8 Home. Thanks to Mahmood and Dave for pointing that out.


28 thoughts on “Open Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 8”

  1. Shellllllllll says:

    I have windows 8 (The worst OP Microsoft has made yet) and I am trying to FIND the “Local Group Policy Edit” Its not in the Chime/Search/Settings and not in MMC . I need to Disable the Delete function in Internet explorer. Any Ideas?

    1. meeiit says:

      Same Here :(
      Please someone help!!

  2. Willem says:

    It’s not working for me either and if I try the MMC I get the message: MMC could not create the snap-in.

    Very frustrating, this Win8 OS.

  3. Y Not says:

    I have seen several methods describing how to get to group policy in Windows 8 on the web, Window+R to run gpedit.msc or gpms.msc (both commands not recognized) and then searching tools for policy (that doesn’t work either as Policy does not appear to be installed)
    2 days of searching and still no success…typical MS OS learning curve, now to see if it is on the installation disk

  4. Wil C. Fry says:

    As the others have said, the above information does not work for me in Windows 8.

  5. Theresa Wood says:

    Ditto on the above. No “gedit.msc” on this pc and nothing related to policy at all in a “policy” search.
    Did they change something in one of their “updates”?

    1. ahsan says:

      same problem here for win 7 hom basic

  6. John Kelly says:

    I am having the same problem as well…

  7. Marsha V says:

    I can’t find the policy editor either and I’m trying to disable the password requirement on the login screen. Very frustrating and I think Windows 8 is a definite step backwards from Windows 7!

  8. Won says:

    Any solutions? I am having the same problem, anyone get around this?

  9. Dave says:

    If you have 8, it will not work. Unless it says “Pro”, those options are not installed by MicroSlime. Sorry.

    1. keke says:

      i tried this but it did’nt work. there is no group policy in mmc snap ins :(
      pls help

  10. Saneej says:

    I am the administrator of my own netbook with windows 8 purchased yesterday. But I cannot download / install any apps in windows store as it says group policy set by administrator I cannot download anything. How to change that group policy? i dont know. Fed up with that…

  11. Majid Ali says:

    I am also looking for Group Policy Editor but these steps do not work for me.

  12. Mike says:

    I can’t I’m running Windows Enterprise (there really is an enterprise version). If pay for software assurance you get the option of installing enterprise edition but that’s off topic. Even with enterprise I can’t find a local policy editor, only domain policy editor. One more thing for Sanjee and everyone else, I discovered this purely by accident when I re-enabled windows firewall so I could turn on remote desktop. You also have to leave Windows firewall running to download and run any of the apps in the app store. The reason I know this is I ha tried downloading about 11 free apps to try out but, I had the same experience as Sanjee. When I enabled the firewall to appease MS so I could enable an set permissions on remote desktop, all of a sudden all my apps that were in queue started downloading and also, I could use the bing app. When I clicked on the squares that pop up as results the links actually take you to page it shows in the square. When I disabled Windows Firewall again, I couldn’t use any of the apps I downloaded and the Bing app stopped working again. That’s a crappy way to force people into doing things the MS way. I apologize if I covered too many topics, in one forum. I seriously have AADHD.

  13. Mike says:

    I found the answer right after I submitted that long long post. In the run box (windows key + R) type gpedit.msc then hit enter or click OK. Then the local Group Policy Editor opens up.

    1. TakeThePowerBack says:

      @Mike: not work in my “8”. My bos thinking is: i’m a idiot. goto: hell ‘8’.

    2. Jak Jons says:

      Not in win 8 basic. It wont work. No Local Group Policy Editor. What MS crap

  14. george says:

    what the heck idiotic stupid retarded microbrain winslow’s (hate8) i used local group policy on this PC many times before and changed many things now i’v changed something i don’t like and they go and make it impossible for you to change it back what if it was a bad mistake my whole PC could be usles all because some corporate big wig thinks limiting settings make it more user friendly (nuthin to do with money i’m shur) things like this should be illegal taking away fetchers after the object is purchased (in fact i’m pretty sure that it is) any way just needed to rant thank you for bearing with me

  15. george says:

    Ps dose any body know which update removed L.G.P.E.

  16. Sandra says:

    This issue with the Group Policy Editor is terminally awful. Windows 8 is supposed to allow you to add and arrange groups on the Start page, BUT you need to use Group Policy Editor to allow you to make changes to the Start page Groups for some reason. It’s circularly stupid!

  17. I honestly believe everybody who was foolish enough to purchase WINDOWS 8 should as a sign of good faith should receive a full refund. Saying WINDOWS 8 is total rubbish is putting it very mildly.

  18. John Farmer says:

    The Group Policy Editor as always been part of the Professional editions of Windows and above. This is the way it was with XP, Vista, and 7 and hasn’t changed with Windows 8. All you that are complaining about Windows 8 being bad because it doesn’t have the Group Policy Editor are idiots if you didn’t know this. If you use gpedit, you should at least know your OS. Google is so easy to use, but you all didn’t use it. Complete morons.



    1. go to your sysWOW64 folder
    2 copy both the GroupPolicy and GroupPolicyUsers folder(s) and gpedit.msc (which IS inside the sysWOW64 folder)
    3.paste them to your system32 folder and your done!
    4. well…also run gpedit lol

    1. TonyJ says:

      You Sir, are a genius. Take a bow….. :-)

    2. Allan says:

      On my Windows 8 installation (basic version, updated to 8.1) I do have the GroupPolicy and GroupPolicyUsers folders in sysWOW64, but no gpeit.msc. Copying gpedit from another location (I found four others by searching) to the system32 folder yields an error. Did MS already catch this workaround and neuter it?

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