Pin folders to taskbar on Windows 7/8

By default, if you try pinning folders to the taskbar on Windows 7 or the current version of Windows 8 the folder will be put into the context menu of the taskbar's explorer icon.

To prevent this and stick a folder directly to the taskbar, you need to create a shortcut of the folder you want to pin (right-click and Create shortcut). Afterwards right-click the shortcut and select Properties. On the Target line you will see the path of the object that the shortcut is pointing to - put explorer in front of that path and separate them with a space character (e.g. explorer "C:\New_Folder"). Now click OK and drag the shortcut to the taskbar.


13 thoughts on “Pin folders to taskbar on Windows 7/8”

  1. I’m with everyone else, thank you! I like using the taskbar for my most important things, and I wanted direct access to a particular folder, and it wouldn’t allow me to drag and drop. THANK YOU!

  2. Awesome! Was wondering how to get a folder shortcut onto the taskbar.
    I went a step further and went to the properties again and changed the icon to a folder with a blue download arrow on it so it did not look the same as the main explorer icon that is there by default.

  3. Thanks a lot I was fed up of having to chase around for the folder I required, now one click and it’s there.

    Best Regards,


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