Change font size of window titles in Windows 8

One of Windows 8's specialties on the desktop seems to be the disproportion of size of elements (hilariously large tiles, small text...) - so if you find yourself in need of enlarging the font size of window titles on the desktop, here is how to:

- Right-click the desktop and select Personalize.
- On the lower left corner of the appearing window, click Display.


Under Change only the text size you can choose elements of text that you want to change the size of - select Title bars here and choose a size from the next drop-down menu.


4 thoughts on “Change font size of window titles in Windows 8”

  1. hi. please say me the default vauess of Icons, Menus, Title Bars, Message Boxes and Tooltips. i have changed them and can not remember what are the true (default values)

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