Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 12.10 and Mint 14

Minecraft provides you with really good support on Linux. To be able to play, you need to download the .jar file from the official website first (you need that from the Minecraft for Linux / Other section:

After you have it, you need to check if the java runtime environment is installed: open Synaptic Package Manager and search for the openjdk-7-jre package - if it isn't installed, install it now.

Head back to the downloaded minecraft.jar file. Right-click it and open the Properties. Go to the Permissions tab and check the Execute checkbox, close the window afterwards.

Now start minecraft by right-clicking the jar file again and selecting Open With >OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime - Enjoy Minecraft!


17 thoughts on “Install Minecraft on Ubuntu 12.10 and Mint 14”

  1. It ain’t gonna work me boys. I’ve been tryin to get minecraft workin for years now. I would’nt waste my time on thing’s like that.

  2. Well…so I uploaded the .jar file and ran it in Open JDK 7 and it starts up…
    I’m able to log on to the Minecraft server and it shows a bunch of the latest updates etc…
    then I get a black screen….
    that’s it…
    a black screen…

  3. you need open jdk 6 or get sun java to work. currently running through forara took a long time… still cant get hack/mine

  4. Installed fine, but when the sign in box came up superimposed on the Minecraft textured window, I tried to login, but it cleared the password window and the activity bar at the bottom just showed the colored segment oscillating back and forth with no login until I fianlly manually closed the window. “Forgotten password” resulted in telling me that my e-mail address is not in the database, Now I have a support question in to Minecraft accounts support to try to find my two accounts.

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